Welcome to EldoradoStories, the (soon to be) world's largest resource for current and prospective immigrants. Here you can find stories from immigrants from your country to any other country in the world. Stories that we hope will help you make some inform decisions as you are planning migrate or have migrated to any other country in the world.


Provide a platform for the billions of immigrants worldwide to share some of their most memorable experiences as immigrants.  


The mission of EldoradoStories is simple: Connect immigrants and prospective immigrants through story sharing, allowing everyone to learn from others’ past mistakes.

The Team

EldoradoStories was conceived in co-founder Komi Gnatiko's Basement on March 02, 2018 during one of the numerous brainstorming sessions with the other co-founder Adjete Ameh. The site officially went live on April 21st, 2018.