Financial advices are to be taken with a grain of salt

Financial advices are to be taken with a grain of salt

USA Eldorado is all about the dollar, the freedom it gives you, or the stress the lack of it gives you. Freshly off the plane, the concept of credit card was new to us. However you quickly learn about it and as soon as you get a job, you can apply for one. It was like man from heaven. You can buy things with somebody else money, just swipe it. But you have to pay it back.

With interests. Lots of interests. Or it messes up your credit report. And it stays messed up for a long time.


I got my first credit card while I was working for a Burlington Coat Factory in Silver Spring, Md. I knew I had to pay back whatever amount I spent. But one of my coworkers at the time told me not to bother pay it. I still remember what he said till today.


What could they do except cancel the card?


Being new in this country, not knowing anybody more knowledgeable, I listened to him, and didn't pay for a long time. Guess what it did mess up my credit report for a long time, and the damage really hit me when I tried to buy a car years down the road. It was only a $500 credit card, but I believe I ended up paying more than $2000 on it.


So the lesson of this story is, when you come an El Dorodo, whether in the USA or Europe, or anywhere, be weary of who you listen to. People will tell you things as if they are experts, but will only tell you half facts, or straight up fake news!


Oh, also stay away from Credit Cards!!