Work life balance is a must in this El dorado

Work life balance is a must in this El dorado

USA El Dorado life is fast and relentless. You can easily get lost in the daily routine, and literally become a zombie, or a machine. Your life will be down to Work then home, then work again.  Back home, work comes second to actually having a life. Here, the days can go by in a blink of an eye, and before you realize it, it has been months since you actually spend time doing something you enjoy doing.

The average work schedule is from 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday, and then you get the weekend off. Guess what, it doesn’t include the hours you most likely will spend commuting to and from work due traffic, distance, and just plain bad luck like road constructions (yeap, unlike back home, infrastructures are maintained regularly), accidents, or just taking the bus.  I’ve spent 5 hours everyday going and coming back from work.  Adding all that give you a clear picture of El Dorado: you spend half of everyday working, and might only get paid for 8 hours if you are lucky. Even worse, you might have to work overtime, paid or not, and that is more time off your leisure time.

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One way to cope is to find a way to spend time with your friends. If they happen to be from the same background as you the better.  We have a soccer team and we get together once a week, Saturday of course, to play and just spend time among ourselves. It is a great stress reliever, even though, we sometimes get into arguments too. But overall, we look forward to those 3, or 4 hours when we are together. We also try to travel at least once or twice yearly to play friendly games with our friends living in other states.

The point is, life in El Dorado is very hectic. You have to make time for you, because nobody will give you time to relax.