Dropping by unannounced to a friend house is no longer a good thing

Dropping by unannounced to a friend house is no longer a good thing

As an immigrant to the USA El dorado, I had to adjust to a different lifestyle. Back in Togo, you spend most of your time with relatives, and friends. You can just go to their house without notice, and there's no problem with that. Well, El Dorado is very different. You really have to let them know beforehand, even your best friend. There are multiple reasons for that too.

For one, El Dorado is the land of work, work, work, and more work. And if you want to work 24 hours straight, that can be arranged. So chances are, the person, you are going to visit, is not home, and is working. Especially if they are fresh of the boat, and need money (El Dorado runs on $$, the green, the mighty Dollar). Also USA is a huge country, and his/her workplace might easily be hours away.

Also that person might just be coming back from a long shift, and the last thing he/she wants to do is to entertain guests, no matter who they are. I’ve been guilty of this. I just won’t open the door no matter how many times you ring the bell; Next time, call me first, or text.

Hence lifestyle in El Dorado can be very lonely, if you do not live with family or good friends, or if you do not have a close circle of friends, you can go spend time with...... as long as they let them before knocking at their door.